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I Have Officially Found A New Favorite Voice Actor

Sam Riegel

Forgive me if I sound completely stupid for not knowing him until now, because after looking him up I had no idea who he was.

How did I find out about him? I just started playing Eternal Sonata (WHICH IS FANTASTIC IN CASE YOU ARE WONDERING).

At any rate, I heard one of the main characters, Allegretto, speaking in a cut scene when I recognized his voice from somewhere. So my search on the internet began! And wouldn’t you know, I was right…


1. Sam Riegel is officially in my top list of voice actors now. Not only because he is providing the voice of Phoenix, but because he does a good job from what I’ve seen at providing voices to the characters who works on.

2. If you enjoy/love to play JRPG’s, I highly suggest you play Eternal Sonata if you have not already. It is available on the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

I know I’m late to actually playing this game, but I honestly never knew what it was until a friend said something to me about it. The biggest reason I am playing it is because it also revolves around one of my favorite musicians of all  time: Frederic Chopin.

At first, I thought that might seem strange, but I’m growing to enjoy it more and more. So again, I highly recommend playing it if you have not done so already.



By: Thatgamecompany

Where do I begin…

Let’s start with my experience with Journey on the day of its release! I was at home, looking for something to purchase on the PSN when I noticed that Journey was released. Due to being a PlayStation Plus member, I decided to purchase it at a discounted price while also receiving a special premium theme. After playing through the mysterious Journey I posed a question to myself, “What other games did this developer create?”

Now me, working at GameStop, should have known the answer. Surprisingly, I did and I just couldn’t remember. Besides their other award winning game known simply as Flow came their other great hit from 2009, Flower.


Let me explain this right now. If you do NOT enjoy games that don’t involve blood, gore, guts, sex, language, violence, or are just amazing to look at due to their art style I suggest you stop reading now because Flower is NOT one of those games


This game is extremely easy, almost too easy in fact. In the game, all you do is gather pedals from other flowers and control the direction of the pedals by using the Sixaxis of the controller. Other than that you can hold down any button to speed up with the wind and go faster. That’s it. There is nothing else to this game.

Why do I like it though? Because it shows that game developers can still create great games without being violent or destructive. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy playing a good shooter every once in a while too just to let off a little steam. Hell, I still need to write a quick thing on here about my feelings for Spec Ops: The Line because it too was phenomenal. Seeing as how I was in the typing mood for this, however, I decided to get it out of the way.

So while this is not an in depth review or anything, I must say that if you do own a PlayStation 3 I highly suggest giving Flower a shot.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to waste a little bit more time on this so I can prepare myself for Anarchy Reigns tomorrow…hmm… 


I really need to get a bigger HDD for my PS3. I am running out of room left and right for it. I’ve got the slim 120GB model, but it’s just not enough anymore.

PlayStation Plus is ruining me with this. They always give us so many games a month and I never have enough time to play them. Not only that but the ones I do want to buy or get suggested to purchase are never the free ones.

I’m sure another one won’t be much, maybe between $60-80. That’s not too bad, I just don’t want to back everything up and swap the drives. Although, it would be nice to have a 500GB in there instead. Think of all the possibilities with that. I would NEVER run out of room.

The more I think about this, the more I need to do it… 

Just Like Another Bottle Of Booze

One more game in my library was downed and out. This time it was brought to me by the “luxurious” Max Payne 3.

The game was good, but not ‘that’ good.

Story, s’ok.

Visuals, fantastic.

Characters, great.

Gameplay, you can’t beat bullet time, especially when it plays EXACTLY like it’s predecessor.

While a lot of people are praising it to be a perfect game, there were flaws just like any “perfect” person; problems hidden in plain sight.

Overall I give this portion of Max’s story a solid 8/10.

Like a bottle of whiskey, this game packed a punch from start to finish with a bad after taste between hits. 

Well, I Finally

Beat Lollipop Chainsaw.

It was…ok. The story wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either.

The score they chose for the entire thing was great.

The characters were memorable in their own way, but I honestly wouldn’t want to remember all of them. The only characters I liked were Nick and Juliet’s dad. They were both funny and had the right/wrong things to say at the right/wrong times.

The gameplay got boring after a while. I actually had to force myself through the levels each time, which is why it took me so long to finish it in the first place.

Just like how everyone else has said the best thing about the game were the boss fights. Each one was unique, fun, and interesting in its own way. Something cool about each one was that each boss stood for a different genre of music such as punk, rock, and metal.

Overall it was an okay game. If I had to I would give it a 7/10.

Like a zombie, this game has its limitations on “fun”.

30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 4

Your Guilty Pleasure Game

Fallout 3. Without any doubt in my mind it is Fallout 3. I’ve been a huge nut for the game since it’s release on October 28, 2008.

I originally bought it on Xbox 360 and as each piece of DLC released I would purchase them on that same day. I even did as much as to get all the achievements on it. Was that enough? No. Some time later after I got my PS3 I ended up buying the collectors edition and did the same thing for it. Except for the trophies, I’m still working on that. I EVEN bought the PC version so I could play it on a much better machine and even mess with mods. WHICH might I add is even more fun. It is, by far, my guilty pleasure game.

Between all three copies of the game I must have at least five hundred hours of gameplay. It is honestly one of my top games of all time and I pick it up at any time, play, and not stop.